it’s a pretty scary-sounding word, right?

don’t worry! it’s really not.

trust me: I know how big of an investment photography is! that’s why I want to remind you that when you make the decision to invest in me as your photographer, you’re not just investing in your photos. you’re investing in ME. in the experience I give you. I’ve been learning more and more that I’m passionate not only about taking & delivering beautiful photos to you, but about making your experience the best I possibly can. couples: I want to make your session feel like a fun, memorable date (that I’m casually third-wheeling on)! everybody else: I want to make your session remind you how beautiful you are and to make you feel like the most confident person in the world during it!

when you invest in me, I promise to be real, open, and vulnerable with you. I promise this because I want to be your friend and not just your photographer. I want to know YOU. know your STORY and what makes you the way you are. I want to buy you coffee and take you out when you’re feeling stressed. this all comes along with the beautiful photos you get, because, like I said: you’re investing in the experience that I’M here to give YOU!!

one more thing: I’m just so grateful that you found your way here, my friend. I’m so grateful that you took time out of your day to look at MY work, and to consider investing in me. I appreciate you more than you know, and I truly cannot wait to love on you, my friend!

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learn more about me, and fill out my contact form! I’ll get my investment guide over to ya & we can start talking!

couples begin at


weddings/elopements begin at

$2,000 / $1,200

seniors begin at


*WA State sales tax will be added to all total session/wedding costs*